blue opal nodule from Mezezo Blue crust on Mezezo brown opal nodule

Blue nodule.Detail

Blue crust


"Optic" detail

"Optic detail. Rainbow colors are here (unexplained)

"The waterfall" one


From fire opal to white opal ...





Very black


A rose ...


A spiral!


Crystal depth




In situ near Mezezo, with bluish body

Blue, yes but new finding.

And blue

On black ...

And reds

Strong red.

What a piece! 8 cm ... from Mezezo.

At Tsehay Mewcha, Wegeltena, Wollo or Welo in April.

That's rough! Wollo rough!

Nice Wollo blue.


Orange heart in this Wollo rough.

Wollo, still ... .

One day, soon, black opal will come from Ethiopia.

A surprise . Squares are 5mm as ever.
opal rough from Welo or Wollo
An over 500ct welo rough.

What a nice Wollo rough!
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