Blue nodule.Detail

Blue crust


"Optic" detail

"Optic detail. Rainbow colors are here (unexplained)

"The waterfall" one


From fire opal to white opal ...





Very black


A rose ...


A spiral!


Crystal depth




In situ near Mezezo, with bluish body

Blue, yes but new finding.

And blue

On black ...

And reds

Strong red.

What a piece! 8 cm ... from Mezezo.

At Tsehay Mewcha, Wegeltena, Wollo or Welo in April.

That's rough! Wollo rough!

Nice Wollo blue.


Orange heart in this Wollo rough.

Wollo, still ... .

One day, soon, black opal will come from Ethiopia.

A surprise . Squares are 5mm as ever.
opal rough from Welo or Wollo
An over 500ct welo rough.

What a nice Wollo rough!